What are the chances of that happenin, eh?

Well the sun has come out today and I feel much happier. Other people who are happier in Milton Keynes today are gamblers, with the news that MK is to be one of the places in the UK allowed to have a 'large' casino.

On the news report on Ceefax and the weblink below there isn't much information on what exactly a 'large' casino is. What I have worked out is that there are three levels.

  1. Super Casino - opening in Manchester
  2. Large casinos - several of which will be around the country, including MK
  3. Small casinos - again several around the country
The old adage, size isn't important but what you do with it is, doesn't help me out in my quest for definition, as presumably one will 'gamble'. I suppose there is the element of how much you can gamble. Therefore what it means is that you can lose 'large' amounts at a large casino, small amounts at a small one and in Manchester you can lose a super amount.

There does seem to be a shift in tax income with the current government - and from comments by the other parties, they won't be reversing these trends too soon. They are getting rid of the income from smoking by making it almost impossible to smoke anywhere and taking as much money from 'bad' environmental transport and replacing it with income from taxed gambling.

This is probably a good move as the reduction in smoking and pollution will put less stress on the health service. People who become addicted to gambling tend to either get killed by Jonny 'The Crombie' Mitchel, for non-payment of the loan, or commit suicide. Either way this doesn't require the same amount of resources to care for them.

Super and large casinos

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