Social highlight of the year

This time next week it will all be over. The social event of the year will once again be a memory, filing itself in my little neurons, in my little brain. Last year's social event of the year has been filed in a similar way to the Plans for the Hyperspace Bypass that destroyed the earth in Douglas Adam's Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, so as never to resurface again. Just thinking about it brings me out in a cold sweat.

Next Tuesday evening is our annual Christmas meal. I almost said party but that would be stretching the truth too far, still, I live in hope that this year's event will not lead me to seek therapy - lasy year's Slade impression was too much to take (the memory is leaking out, need to change the subject).

There has been no record of polonium-210 being found in Milton Keynes so far. Tests have been carried out by MK council at the Starbucks in Midsummer Place. But after extensive downing of Mocha, Cappu and Stone Chinos, no trace of the radioactive substance that killed Alexander Litvinenko* has been found.

*Interesting that not many blogs contain the former Russian spy's name. Too hard to spell is my personal view - but it doesn't take too much trawling to find it at the BBC.

It's a mystery

Now you know I'm not talking about Toyah because there wasn't any semblance of a lisp in the title. However, there is a mystery in our house. A strange smell was coming from under the sink and so it was felt that we should investigate the sink.

We did

After taking off the u-bend we found a slight blockage caused by a small painting brush. Now which young son member of the household uses small brushes to paint his miniature models? A brush can't accidentally get flushed down a sink, it needs to be held upright and dropped.

I haven't been well and french markets

Nope, I have had another case of man-flu. And this really was/is man-flu because I haven't got any medicine from the doctor. However, I have been browsing the internet and I found Wednesday 22nd November post over on Jonny B's site that brought a smile to my face - it seems he has had the lurgee too, although it wasn't that which brought the smile to my face.

It seems they have a 'French Market' in Norfolk too. We have one in Milton Keynes every so often, although since our car broke I haven't been able to get to the city centre as much as I would like and have probably missed this years event. In fact the Christmas market is probably there already and that is normally German.

Oxford Street Christmas Lights Campaign

Following on from my previous post about Ariel washing up powder and missing the point. I would like to put my full backing behind Dave Walker's Oxford Street Christmas Light campaign. Let's make every little effort, and there are also side effects of benefit too - less All Saints!
cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Join the Oxford Street Christmas Lights Campaign at the Cartoon Blog.

What makes a face funny, what makes you laugh

Take a quick look at this from the BBC.

I am sorry to point this out to the people who did this study but they have failed to take any notice of what actually makes people funny and what makes other laugh. Let me help a little here, it has something to do with 'being' funny. They say chiseled jaw and high forehead aren't funny, but feminine features are. Excuse me, but have these people never heard of Tommy Cooper or John Cleese? I mean surely they must have, especially Cleese, after all I'm sure some of those involved were students, and the Parrot sketch is still required reading in further education.

Oh dear, I mean what have scientists ever done for us?

Dust off the leather jacket and hit the train station

I am off to the Cardiacs in a little while, so goodbye.

Ariel, energy saving and climate change

I am all for trying to save energy and therefore save the planet from its global warming calamity. Therefore when I watched the new Ariel washing powder advertisement on TV (those commercial channels not the very good and wonderful BBC - I slipped) I was very pleased.

There new washing powder washes just as well at 30 degrees as it does at 40 degrees... wonderful. The advert continues to tell us that if we all wash at 30 degrees it could save copious amounts of energy, in fact a 10 degree reduction can save up to 40% energy. This is fantastic, we can all save that much energy.

However, they then spoil it all by suggesting that energy can be used to light up to 1000 villages. Sorry, but I thought the point of saving energy was that you didn't use it.

Take a look at the current Ariel campaign here, and you can view the advert here.

Islam and Christianity unite

How wonderful the 5th of November is. We all celebrate Guy Fawkes night with exploding fireworks, making Milton Keynes sound, if not look, like downtown Beirut in the 80s. Still at least it is the one celebration of the year when when Muslims and Christians can unite by reliving the burning at the stake of a Catholic/Infidel.

I don't get out much

Milton Keynes is perfectly placed in the UK. It is about halfway between London (capital) and Birmingham (city number 2 - although I think Manchester argues this point a bit). It has a motorway running beside it and an inter-city route to enable travel between the north and the south of the country. As such you can quite easily get anywhere from Milton Keyens.

I however, don't get out very much... currently this is added to because our car is dead and buried (see wish list if you really want to help). But this sad lonely stay-at-home guy is off on his annual* pilgrimage to London next week. Yes, I am off to see The Cardiacs perform their yearly show. It should be good as they have said they will play songs that the fans have requested... hey I am a fan and I haven't requested anything, have I missed something again? I must get out more.

*Well almost, I didn't go last year and not sure if I made it the year before either

I want to be a policeman

Another great comment from sonJJ (that's his new online referent from me), the other night he told me that he currently wishes to become a policeman when he leaves school. The reason for this is, ' so I can drive a fast car and eat lots of doughnuts.'

I am left wondering why life is and has never, been that simple to me