Balancing the environment

After, as far as I remember [things got a little hazy at some points], not having any glorious flypasts last year, Bletchley Park have announced that this year there should be no fewer than six. I do like these, being a bit of a geek means that four world war two aeroplanes flying directly above and around my house is an intersting event.

This, of course, does beg the question of the carbon footprint these ancient 'birds of prey' will be laying as they fly (is there a mixed metaphor in there?). But, not to worry becasue in a fit of yin yang balance, I have found out about Urban Eden. Another group of peeps who quite like Milton keynes and think it should have more of a positive environmental impact on the planet.

If you'd like to know more about these two diverse stories, then follow the links...

Here come the planes

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