Lucky he didn't use AOL

wouldn't have taken him so long to lose it

BBC News

On a semi-related point, eg the internet, I am still trying out both Firefox 2 and IE7 to see whether it may be time to give Microsoft another chance at being my preferred browser. However, currently this is being posted with FF2 and the spell checker comes in mighty handy for someone like me.

Even in Milton Keynes

I seem to have come down with a nasty chest infection, hence no updates. Thought I'd let you know on the off chance that you were were wondering where I was.

I hope to be back up to steam in the next few days, as that is when the antibiotics are finished. So if I am not better then I suppose a trip back to the docs will be called for.

MK News

The above is one of the free papers delivered around MK. In fact we get so many free papers and they are so large that the paperyounglings are given trolleys to deliver the biggest of them. The MK News isn't one of these, and you can check out their web-site on the right, this is a smaller paper.

Anyhow there was this article in yesterdays paper and I really don't know how to respond. Should I laugh or cry? Here I am trying to tell the world that MK is more than just roundabouts and concrete cows and yet we* complain at things like this. Anyhow, take a look and see what you think here.

*I use this as a collective pronoun. I have as much in common with the people who complain, as Nigel Lawson has with a Sri Lankan tea leaf picker


OK, I saw this on another blog and went to check it out. Weatherpixie gives you a little graphic and a local weather report that you can paste onto your blog/ site. Well I went through the process, tinkering around and wondering whether, I should have the weather on this site.

I decided not to though when I wasn't able to add Milton Keynes as my weather place. Now normally this wouldn't bother me, I would simply choose London. However, weatherpixie did offer one or two other more obscure places. So until weatherpixie notices that Milton Keynes, is bigger, better and much more fun to be at, than Middle Wallop I'll keep my forecast to myself.