Balancing the environment

After, as far as I remember [things got a little hazy at some points], not having any glorious flypasts last year, Bletchley Park have announced that this year there should be no fewer than six. I do like these, being a bit of a geek means that four world war two aeroplanes flying directly above and around my house is an intersting event.

This, of course, does beg the question of the carbon footprint these ancient 'birds of prey' will be laying as they fly (is there a mixed metaphor in there?). But, not to worry becasue in a fit of yin yang balance, I have found out about Urban Eden. Another group of peeps who quite like Milton keynes and think it should have more of a positive environmental impact on the planet.

If you'd like to know more about these two diverse stories, then follow the links...

Here come the planes

Urban Eden

MK Citizen makes me laugh

No this isn't a complaint about local news reporting, this is actually a compliment, a post of praise, heaped upon a news story from this week's paper - no I'm not looking for a job there.

If you follow the link below you'll be able to read a funny report about MK TV, Milton Keynes very own TV station. The reporter made me smile as I read the satirical article... at one point I thought I was reading the local news equivalent of Harry hill's TV Burp. It is a funny reprt so if you'd like to know more about MK's answer to Sky read on here.

Send in the clowns

Whatever happened to 'entertainers' turning up at your house for birthday celebrations? I for one don't like clowns, there is something distinctly sinister about someone who is trying to make you laugh while they themsleves have to paint a smile on their own face.

However, it seems far more beneficial to have such a 'sad' entertainer to make your birthday go with a swing than the two birthday celebrations in the following link.

Two men dead after Birthday celebrations in Milton Keynes - Milton Keynes - Latest Local News

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Snow Day

No need to go to school today as no one will be there. I think all the schools in MK are shut because we have some snow, actually quite a bit.

An answer to my question

I'd like to thank the MK News for answering the question as to what exactly a 'large' casino is. In their report about MK being awarded 'large' casino status they explain that basically it means the casino can offer jackpots of up to £4,000.

You can read all about it here.

What are the chances of that happenin, eh?

Well the sun has come out today and I feel much happier. Other people who are happier in Milton Keynes today are gamblers, with the news that MK is to be one of the places in the UK allowed to have a 'large' casino.

On the news report on Ceefax and the weblink below there isn't much information on what exactly a 'large' casino is. What I have worked out is that there are three levels.

  1. Super Casino - opening in Manchester
  2. Large casinos - several of which will be around the country, including MK
  3. Small casinos - again several around the country
The old adage, size isn't important but what you do with it is, doesn't help me out in my quest for definition, as presumably one will 'gamble'. I suppose there is the element of how much you can gamble. Therefore what it means is that you can lose 'large' amounts at a large casino, small amounts at a small one and in Manchester you can lose a super amount.

There does seem to be a shift in tax income with the current government - and from comments by the other parties, they won't be reversing these trends too soon. They are getting rid of the income from smoking by making it almost impossible to smoke anywhere and taking as much money from 'bad' environmental transport and replacing it with income from taxed gambling.

This is probably a good move as the reduction in smoking and pollution will put less stress on the health service. People who become addicted to gambling tend to either get killed by Jonny 'The Crombie' Mitchel, for non-payment of the loan, or commit suicide. Either way this doesn't require the same amount of resources to care for them.

Super and large casinos

The gray decends again

After a brief cold snap - briefer than the career of Jade Goody - the murky gray has returned to Milton Keynes. It is neither cold not warm, neither bright nor gloomy, simply gray and dull. This certainly has an effect on the ability of this blogger (hey I unwittingly called myself a blogger, best change that before I get ideas above my station) guy to be particularly active. He also has to deal with the fact that the MK DONS after going seven games undefeated have stumbled slightly - this weekend saw them lose 5-0, oops.

I have added, and will continue to add more bits and pieces to the site, in addition to the witty blogging. First up, is an MK newsfeed to keep you up to date with what is going on - it is time to mashup Milton Keynes (web tech term, not a cooking term).

Just to let you know

I now have a more 'this is me' type blog going on at dazzer67 . Roundacow will continue with its witty repertoire concerning all things Milton Keynes. However, if you want the personal juicy gossip that is similar to the stuff found in Heat magazine only it concerns me, then you'll have to go to dazzer67.

Icing arrives a day late

But better late than never.

A thin layer of icing was applied to Milton Keynes to celebrate its 40th... bless

This was the view from my back window

Happy Birthday to us

Yes, it is time to celebrate, crack open the champagne and ice the cake. Milton Keynes is now 40 years old. Well that's not quite true. Milton Keynes is over a thousand years old as it was mentioned in the Doomsday Book, however, Milton Keynes as a 'new city' is 40.

They say life begins at 40 and for Milton Keynes, about to put on some middle-age spread in the form of 70,000 plus new homes, things are certainly exciting - trust me :-)

For more info about this momentous celebration you can read the BBC's article.